Get Involved

A minimum of 10% all food produced will be distributed to those less fortunate, your contribution will make a big difference in peoples lives.  
You can also help us physically if you have the time, to do so please contact us.



Your donation will ensure the success of this project and there are more benefits to you:​

  • As a contributor to the project, you will be added to our social media channels so you can stay up to date with our progress.

  • You will also receive a special code which you can use on our produce offset website for special discounted prices on all items produced by the project.​ 

  • For donations of R5,000 or more, you may request an 18A tax form which you may include in your yearly tax returns and receive the tax benefit available to those who donate towards a worthy cause such as this one.

By Phone

074 256 7767


Our Vision and Mission

Sustainable living and farming is essential to survival in these uncertain times. With our method of farming we can produce food at affordable prices, while helping those less fortunate in a sustainable way.

Going Green

Farming in a carbon negative way, means that we sequestrate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  It is extremely important to set an example when it comes to producing food and do our part to protect and build up the environment.