• verushka6

The road so far

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The progress and update around the farm.

The road so far...

The demolition of the wooden house is progressing well, many thanks to Phillip who organizes it, we are going on Wednesday / Thursday and we will soon start planning to move it to Bethlehem.

Setting up the butchery is progressing well we got second hand stuff for everything we need, it works short but we have very willing hands, thank you so much to everyone who came to work so hard this week to get everything clean and ready make at this speed we will be ready to process and sell by next week.

The website's development is in full swing and progressing well, we will hopefully go live at the same time as the butchery will be ready next week, many thanks to Vi for her hard work with it.

Thank you to everyone who works so hard at Bethlehem itself to get everything ready and in place, I know you work incredibly hard and your dedication is an inspiration. Our chickens are going and things are progressing with the vegetable area, I'm not sure how our beads are progressing.

Our sheep and goats are doing well, thank you Frans for your and your wife's hard work there I can not wait to move them to Bethlehem, please let me know if you need help there we have hands willing to help so do not hesitate to shout.

We still have to finish the tunnel at Heritage, the plug has been fixed, thanks to Phillip and his team for that. Unfortunately, our plants did die. We're going to cut the holes we have here and take them to the lodge during the week, we're going to push to finish that project and get plants in again, I also have a camera that we'll keep permanently in the tunnel with a live feed of the tunnel that will be available on the website, with a weekly timelapse of how the plants grow.