Hydroponic Growhouse

Learn to grow your own vegetables at our Hydroponic food tunnel at Sterkfontein Heritage Lodge and start your journey to self sustainability.


Bethlehem Project

Our first stretch of farmland is 2.4 hectares in size and is situated 5km outside of Randfontein.  We are currently putting infrastructure in place to accommodate the following:

  • 30 milk goats

  • 2,000 chickens

  • 120 sheep

  • 8 cattle

  • 90,000 vegetable points

  • 5 Bee hives


Phase 3 - Coming Soon

Once sufficient funds have been generated through phase 1 and 2 and using member donations, we will secure a farm.  Here we will produce our own food, electricity and bio-gas for a sustainable future and make plots available for the storage of supplies and living space.
Several farms have already been identified for this phase of the project and work will commence once land is secured.